New Favourite Things

1. Napster. Their new take is letting you listen to songs for free, but only five times each. When I first read that I balked. Later while making a sandwich (or something) I realized what a huge amount of songs that actually is.
Pro: All that stands between you and hours of playing dj fun is the task of picking a username.
Con: Doesn't include obscure bands/certain albums and only gives stingy 30 second glimpses into some. But not bad for free!

2. Jumproping. For warmth.
Pro: It really works.
Con: Sometimes the ceiling is too low.


Blogger alissa said...

hee hee.
no more bad 90s music! (you've used up your priviledges)

the jump roping = a good idea. sometimes i do jumping jacks or start cleaning something to stay warm. isn't it supposed to be warmer out by now anyway?

12:51 PM  
Blogger nokomis said...

the jumproping sounds lethal

9:40 PM  

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