I have realized that I need the hypothetical carrot at the end of the stick. For every responsible thing I do I should get to do two three spontaneously gratifying (and irresponsible?) things. For example: "Did the laundry? Now you get to take a break, eat everything in the fridge, and shave your neighbor's cat." Whatever you feel like.

In celebration of Valentine's I listened to T.Rex Bon Jovi, bought goodwill armchairs, and looked at the woman in the moon. She is smokin' hot.

For all you lovers out there: The Magic Numbers.
For everyone else: Night Ranger, live in 1985.


Blogger Lindsey said...

Those are some mighty good-looking armchairs.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Swee said...

i don't get it....what does "Space Age!" refer to? i'm sure if you explained it i would surely coin it as one of my new catch phrases, and soon all of Belmont would be little Ashley/Kate-bots.

ps....how did you know i had blog? it is one of those blogger extrasensory things that i just haven't honed in on yet? because if so........you win the world. and a prize. emphasis on the world.

hope all is well in Eugene. i suppose it's raining there. last week it was in the mid-70's. now it's raining cats and dogs. (literally...i found a pomeranian in my apple tree this morning. it wasn't too happy, to say the least.)

i suppose i'll see you in april, but until then: stay classy.


11:19 PM  
Blogger Reid said...


2:18 PM  

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