I was trying to find something online. Was focused pretty hard, furrowed brow and everything. Suddenly it came to my attention that I was clenching my teeth. And also that there were four other people in this little room. Three talking loudly, one making jungle noises.

Which reminds me, I pass by these llamas every day. And they're great. I want to hug them. My mom says they don't need hugs. That, however, will not deter me from my plotting. She suggested that we name them. Finding that idea to be superb, I spouted off with, "Bon Jovi!!" Ignoring my comment, she went on to say, "Where are they from? We should name them something latin!" But my idea was great, and I knew it. "I know! Jon Bon Jovi!!" She didn't go for it. This is why we do not name things together.

(Jon Bon Jovi is the best. llama. ever.)


Blogger colorful veggies said...

How about JonJon and BonBon?
...JonJo and BonJo?
...JonBon and Jovi?

7:47 AM  
Blogger Mum said...

I like Bon-bon Jovi.
By the way, Lamas are afraid of you when you extend a hand toward them first (fear for their buldging eyes some say) but if you put your head forward with your hands behind you they will come up to you, nose to nose. When they do, the proper llama greeting is to breath out from your nose (Don't open your mouth!) They will breath out of their nose on you (hence the closed mouth.) Then, while you are nose to nose, you may reach around and pat their necks or give them a hug. Extend your hand first and you loose.

10:54 AM  

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