I had this incredibly vivid dream the other night... I was in a goodwill bumbling around and found a short wooden piano. It was blue and HANDMADE BY JACK JOHNSON!! I checked the pricetag, "Five hundred dollars?! HO-ly cow! I'll give ya a hundred." The goodwill lady firmly rejected my offer. "Okay," I conceded, but when she wasn't looking I dragged it outside and into my truck. Chase scenes ensued and in the end I remember heaving it down into a ravine.


Blogger nokomis said...

If you can't have it, then why should they?

Do you know that name of his new album? I love that man.

9:06 PM  
Blogger ah said...

I think "In Between Dreams" is his newest. He is so great. It's crazy. You know, he is playing at that amphitheater again...

11:51 PM  

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